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Different airlines offer different check-in options. This also applies to check-in times, beyond which passengers may not be accepted.
The information below will help you plan your check-in and avoid any nasty surprises.
IMPORTANT : In the event of flights being delayed, passengers are requested to present themselves at the original scheduled time and to respect the original check-in times, unless their airline gives them information to the contrary.

Check-in at the airport

Please respect the following check-in deadlines which have been established for each airline:
British Airways : 45 minutes before departure
- Chalair : 30 minutes before departure
Warning : you may be refused check-in if you arrive after check-in has closed.
In the event of delays to flights, passengers are requested to arrive at the time initially specified and to respect the original check-in deadlines, unless they receive information to the contrary.

On line check-in

- British Airways : ou can check-in on line on www.britishairways.com up to 24 hours before departure.

Customs formalities

To travel in complete peace, find information on customs formalities by consulting the website of customs: