Quimper et ses environs Quimper et ses environs

Destination Quimper Cornouaille

Quimper Cornouaille

City of art and history, Quimper unfolds around its Gothic cathedral and the Odet, embellished with charming walkways. You will discover three ancient hearts remarkably highlighted.

Walk the medieval streets, with their half-timbered houses. The earthenware, the textile art tradition of Armor Lux at the embroiderer Pascal Jaouen, the Halles St François and the Quimpérois shops will delight visitors in terms of shopping.

Also a city of amazing gardens, Quimper has a «remarkable garden» and offers places of discovery, fun and reveries.

The Quimper is overlooked by Mount Frugy, which offers panoramic views of the historic city.

Thanks to its exceptional cultural vitality, Quimper is now positioned as the cultural capital of Brittany.


Classified as a historical monument since 1924, labeled «Petite Cité de Caractère» and «Plus Beaux Villages de France», Locronan is one of the most prestigious sites in Brittany. Located on a mountain, only 5 km from the bay of Douarnenez, this medieval city is a real setting where compete of beauty the old houses in granite of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. A land of Celtic traditions, it is also a source of inspiration for the artists and the many artisans who settled there. Locronan is the commune of Brittany which has had the largest number of film shoots and TV series since 1920.

A city of estuary, Quimper and many municipalities are crossed by the coastal river Odet «one of the most beautiful rivers in France», from the Stangala to the Fouesnantais and Bigouden coastline.

Office de tourisme de Quimper: 8, rue Elie Freron - 29000 QUIMPER - +33 (0)2 98 53 04 05

Quimperle Terre Oceane

The land of Quimperlé

A concentrate of Brittany in southern Finistère. The unique landscapes of the rías evolve with the tides and light changes. Between land, sea and rivers, the southern coast of Finistère reveals its most intimate, wildest side...

Between land and sea, the Pays de Quimperlé offers you magnificent landscapes around the rías, these rivers that live at the rhythm of the tides. In South Finistère, between Lorient and Quimper, discover a region that has kept its authenticity. Everything is waiting for you for an unforgettable family holiday in Brittany: exceptional heritage, lazing by the beaches, initiation to the joys of boating, walks in the countryside. And for gourmets you can also taste exceptional products such as the flat oyster of Bélon, the andouille of Baye, the cider AOP of Cornwall…

Quimperlé Terre Océane - OT Quimperlé - 3, place Charles de Gaulle - 29300 Quimperlé - +33 2 98 39 67 28

Destination Douarnenez

The Land of History, Legends and Fishing

The traditions and wealth of the city were made on sardine fishing and its canneries. Finish the cliffs of Cap Sizun, discover in Douarnenez

a charming town, its port, its alleys lined with old houses and its bay, bathed by a calm sea, to such an extent that the Italian coasts do not seem so far away... without forgetting the mysterious island Tristan,

protected natural site, accessible at low tide, which gives its name to the city of Douarnenez, and the Port museum, a museum unique in France, maritime cultures of Brittany or elsewhere. Museum alongside and afloat (4 boats can be visited from the hold to the bridge)


Office de tourisme du Pays de Douarnenez - 1, rue du Dr Mével - 29100 Douarnenez - +33 (2) 98 92 13 35


Destination Pays Bigouden


The Bigouden Country does not lack assets to surprise you

Its famous headdress to admire during festivals and especially the Festival des Brodeuses, its many surf spots such as those of the Torch or Penhors, its immense beaches, conducive to sliding sports and relaxation. To the south, don’t miss the fishing and recreational harbours, including the unavoidable port of Guilvinec, and the historical heritage, including the Eckmühl lighthouse and the Cathedral of the Dunes: Tronoën.

Further north, the wild and authentic Baie d'Audierne offers visitors exceptional views. This campaign is punctuated by numerous churches and chapels, witnesses of a strong cultural and historical footprint. For gourmets, crêpes, kouigns and langoustines will delight your taste buds.

Tourist Office - Destination Pays Bigouden Sud: Point info de Pont-l'Abbé - 11 place Gambetta - 29120 Pont-l'Abbé - +33 (0)2 98 82 37 99

Office de Tourisme du Haut Pays Bigouden: 13 rue du centre - 29710 PLOZEVET - +33 (0)2 98 91 45 15



From Concarneau to Pont Aven


Maritime and heritage town is located in the bay of La Forêt, one of the most beautiful bays of Brittany. The «Blue City» recognized as a major destination of Finistère, continues to highlight its seaside resort and its heritage including the City-Close.


Land of «standing stones», Névez is the stopover of nature lovers and wide open spaces facing the ocean.

Pont Aven

At Pont Aven, come walk in the footsteps of Gauguin, find the atmosphere, the colors, the landscapes that inspired him.


Walk in town to see the port, the beautiful houses, the remains of mills, the washhouses, the chaos of the Aven and the wood of love. The museum of Pont-Aven to see the original works of the painters of Pont-Aven. Gauguin, Sernard, Sérusier, Jourdan...

Tourist Office Concarneau: Quai d'Aiguillon - B.P. 529 - 29185 CONCARNEAU +33 (0)2 98 97 01 44

Tourist Office Névez: 18 Place de l'Église - 29920 Névez +33 (0)2 98 06 87 90

Pont Aven tourist office: 3 rue des meunières - 29930 Pont Aven +33 (2) 98 06 04 70


Pays de Fouesnant


A symphony in blue and green with all the charm of our coasts: turquoise waters, small coves and large white sandy beaches, green areas, pines, lighthouses, seaside villas...


A symphony in blue and green with all the charm of our coasts: turquoise waters, small coves and large white sandy beaches, green areas, pines, lighthouses, seaside villas...
• 26 km of sandy beaches
• 250 km of hiking trails
• 1 casino, 1 thalasso
• 2 18-hole golf courses
• 4 nautical centres
• 1 aquatic centre,
Sport Sailing
• Gastronomy, Culture...

Welcome to the first tourist destination in Finistère!

The Breton Riviera has 3 classified tourist resorts:
• Benodet
• Fouesnant-Les Glénan
• La Forêt-Fouesnant / Port La Forêt

Benodet Tourist Office: 29 Avenue de la Mer - 29950 Bénodet - +33 (2) 98 57 00 14 - tourisme@benodet.fr - www.benodet.fr


Office de Tourisme de Fouesnant-les Glénan: 4 Espace kernévéleck - 29170 Fouesnant - +33 (2) 98 51 18 88 - info@tourisme-fouesnant.fr - www.tourisme-fouesnant.fr

La Forêt Fouesnant Tourist Office - Port La Forêt: 2 rue du Vieux Port B.P.2 - 29940 La Forêt Fouesnant - +33 (2) 98 51 42 07 - accueil@foret-fouesnant-tourisme.com - www.foret-fouesnant-tourisme.com










Destination Cap Sizun

Cap Sizun at the tip of Brittany

At the western end of Brittany, Cap Sizun stretches from the west of the city of Douarnenez to join the Pointe du Raz and go down south towards Plozévet, towards the Pays Bigouden. Bordered on all sides by the Atlantic Ocean, this territory is today a sought-after destination.

First of all, a unique cultural heritage the port of Audierne, Pont-Croix, the ports-shelters, where authenticity is available at all times; but also wild and contrasting landscapes: with more than 60 Kilometers of coastline and a wooded countryside, Cape Sizun is a veritable paradise for hiking and water sports. A theatre of this natural beauty, the Pointe du Raz, the westernmost rocky cape in France classified as a Grand Site of France, attracts and enchants tens of thousands of visitors every year, allowing each of them to be intoxicated with dreams of long-term travel.

Cap-Sizun Pointe du Raz Tourist Office - 0 809 10 29 10 (not subject to surcharge)